2013-2014 Raymond E. Plotkin Scholarship Recipient Announced:


Joseph A. Paz

The 4rd recipient of the Raymond E. Plotkin Scholarship in the UNM School of Engineering is Joseph A. Paz. He is currently a freshman student in Engineering from Mayfield High School in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Joseph is a General Engineering student, currently taking courses towards a Chemical Engineering degree with a focus in Biomedical Engineering. Joseph is a strong student with a very positive attitude; he is an avid advocate of educating others about MRSA; and has an interest in pursuing a post-bachelor degree.

This scholarship was created by the parents, extended family, friends and fellow peers of Raymond Evan Plotkin to honor his life, his very positive relationship with the University of New Mexico and his potential interest in pursuing a career related to Nuclear Engineering. Raymond was a graduate from Westbury High School in Houston, Texas. Upon arrival at UNM as an incoming freshman, he became a member of the Hispanic Engineering and Science Organization (HESO) and the Hillel at the University of New Mexico. Sadly, Raymond passed away in the fall of 2009, first semester of his freshmen year due to complications resulting from the H1N1‑Swine Flu.

The Raymond E. Plotkin Scholarship is endowed; only the interest on the fund is awarded each year so that the scholarship can be awarded in perpetuity. Future donations to the fund will be added to the principle and increase the amount awarded each year. Donations to the fund should be made payable to the UNM Foundation (memo: Raymond Plotkin Scholarship in the School of Engineering). The annual deadline for the Raymond E. Plotkin Scholarship is September 15. For further information about the scholarship or how to apply, contact the UNM School of Engineering Scholarship Administrator at elsac@unm.edu, call (505) 277‑5064 or visit the SOE Scholarship website at http://www.unm.edu/~soeschol/freshman.html.

In addition to the scholarship, Raymond’s family established through the UNM Student Health and Counseling Center (SHAC) the “Take One for Raymond” initiative, to encourage everyone to get their flu shots. FLU SHOT CLINICS @ SUB INFORMATION: SHAC will offer free flu shots for UNM students, staff and faculty (anyone 18 years old and older), on Wednesday, October 23 & Thursday, October 24, from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, at the SUB Atrium. For information, call the SHAC Immunization Clinic at 277‑7925.


Numerous scholarships are available through Engineering Student Services. Contact the Elsa Castillo, Scholarship Coordinator by phone at 277-5064 or by email at elsac@unm.edu. Visit the Engineering Scholarship site and the Scholarship Deadline Calendar for the latest information.

Students interested in scholarships should also visit the following: NSF-STEM.